Jul 27 2011
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Man Given $1000 Ticket for Speeding to Hospital to Save Unborn Baby & Pregnant Wife

Last March, when David Weber and his pregnant wife Genevieve were on their way home, Genevieve began experiencing severe contractions. Having endured serious complications in the birth of her previous child, the couple was determined to get to the hospital as quickly as possible, since, at 38 weeks pregnant, they were both aware that Genevieve needed a Cesarean section as quickly as possible.

Weber began driving at over 105 miles per hour through what he described as “light traffic”, and didn’t notice when he passed an officer on the side of the road. The police car blared its sirens and pulled the couple over. Though the couple felt initial relief, assuming that the police officer would be glad to escort them to the hospital after they explained their situation, they were instead greeted with a lecture about the dangers of such reckless driving. Wasting valuable time, the officer proceeded to lecture the couple for 15 grueling minutes as Genevieve writhed in pain and agony.

Once the couple was finally allowed to pull off, Weber eventually began speeding again. To their absolute amazement, yet another police car pulled them over. Apparently, the second officer had been informed by the officer that originally pulled them over to look out for the couple, speeding toward the hospital.

The second officer was equally devoid of compassion for Weber, whose driving, albeit dangerous, was an attempt to save his unborn baby and his pregnant wife. The second officer again lectured the couple on the dangers of speeding before releasing them.

When David and Genevieve eventually got to the hospital, Weber had received a $1000 speeding ticket and Genevieve’s doctor confirmed that her uterus was nearly ruptured. Even though the doctor testified on behalf of the couple in court, Weber’s ticket was only reduced to $400, and his drivers license was suspended for five months.

The Canadian couple remains in absolute shock, and, though delighted to have a healthy baby girl despite the interference of the two officers, hopes to garner media attention and continue to fight the irrational charges.