Apr 08 2011

Republicans Want Rid of “Title X”

Republican policymakers are looking to cut funding and financing to countless clinics and centers that provide sexual education, testing and discounted or free contraception, like Planned Parenthood, in the hopes that it might impact the current budget. Dems are calling the move yet another underhanded attempt to take from those who don’t have much to give in the first place: low-income communities and women, the most common demographic of those receiving health services at low-cost clinics.

The Title X Family Planning Program, which was written to benefit low-income women and communities in 1970 by then-President Nixon, is the subject of much dispute on Capitol Hill after Republicans have made it clear they want to eliminate the program. The program is intended to offer funding to clinics that provide family planning services, contraception, and education about sexually transmitted diseases and infections, usually at no cost to the patient. While funds appropriated for Title X cannot be used to fund abortive services, this has not stopped critics from implying otherwise. Senator Barbara Mikulski, of Maryland, understands the threat Repbulicans pose to low-income communities if the Republican party is successful in weakening or eliminating Title X:

"This has no impact on the budget. It has no impact on the deficit or the debt," Mikulski states simply. "Where we will not go is eliminating the health care for women. Make no mistake, this entire debate has involved throwing women and children under the bus."