Feb 28 2011

Sugary Drinks Can Lead to High BP Levels

New research suggests some relatively unsurprising evidence: drinking sodas and other sugary beverages may lead to higher high blood pressure. Equally unsurprising was the beverage industry’s response to such claims: Maureen Storey, PhD, of the American Beverage Association, insisted that the study’s findings have not been confirmed in their entirety, and that elevated blood pressure levels may not be a result of sugar ingestion.

The study, conducted by Dr. Ian J. Brown of Imperial College London, and his colleagues was recently published in the medical journal Hypertension and recorded the dietary habits of a group of 2,696 patients from the U.S. and the U.K. Analyzing urine and blood collections as well as the personal notes of the patients, the research indicates a correlation between increased blood pressure levels and sugary drinks. While the beverage industry will certainly battle the evidence and deem it unconfirmed, the research has other observers looking at ways to combat what is quickly becoming a health epidemic.