Jan 02 2012
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Prosecutors to Present Final Arguments in Mubarak Trial

Beginning Tuesday in Cairo, Egyptian prosecutors will begin presenting their final arguments in the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is accused of crimes stemming from his involvement in heinous acts that occurred during the Arab Spring of 2011 — a revolutionary resistance that also led to Mubarak’s impeachment. 

Mubarak’s trial resumed on Monday after over three months of suspension while the court considered a proposition to have the presiding judges replaced. Mubarak, who faces charges ranging from the murder of hundred of anti-government activists to corruption, has plead not guilty on all counts.

Mubarak’s personal physicians reported that the 83-year-old has a severe heart condition, and the dictator arrived at the court on Monday morning via ambulance, before being wheeled in on a hospital bed. 

If convicted of the crimes of which he is accused, Mubarak will face the death penalty.